About Me

Hi! I’m Jonnelin Leonardo AKA Mazleo. I love tech, but it’s not the only thing I like. I’m a naturally curious person that’s interested in a lot of things; the many different kinds of art, especially anime, real estate, books, etc.; I yearn to learn about many things. I have just recently graduated with a Computer Science degree, and am looking to find my first software engineering job. In the past, I worked on my college websites in its ITS department.

Why blog?

I have a couple reasons to blog, including documenting the things I will be working on from now on. I also would like to just write about my experiences, probably in tech, though maybe others as well. I might write some tutorials, as teaching others is the best way to learn things, though I think that will be more of something to do in the future when I actually do get more experience as a software engineer.




An image search android application

Matrix JS

My second animation project – a matrix rain animation

Particles JS

My first animation project – a particle net animation


A GUI school project – a photo library application


My first school project with a GUI – a song library application