RUVacant – Introduction – Devlog 1

This week I begun another personal project that I’ve been wanting to do for about a year now. Well technically, I’ve already began it about a year ago but stopped because I got busy with school. Remembering how I coded the initial part of the project with the new knowledge I got from creating Snap, I decided to abandon that code and start again. When I coded that, I had completely no knowledge of proper architecture design; it was extremely messy. I was also being lazy at the time and did not fully read the documentations. So this week, I decided to start anew and do it properly this time.

Like I said in my last blog post of Snap, I like to plan everything from the start. Once again, I will iterate through the various software development phases, starting by creating the SRS, SDD, and actually do test-driven development this time. I haven’t learned how to test in Android yet, but that will be my plan for the next couple of weeks.

So what is RUVacant?

Anyway, I’ve gone on a tangent enough, what is RUVacant you ask? RUVacant is a mobile application I wish I had in college while looking through every single classroom just to find an empty one. As a student, I typically liked to arrive at least 10-30 minutes early to class, a lot of the times much earlier if I didn’t have anything else to do or was close to the building anyway. I always tried to find empty classrooms to hang out in until class started. The purpose of the application is to ease the process of finding an empty classroom. The application will tell a student when and which classrooms will be empty at specific days of the week and times of the day. It will give detailed information of each class, such as when it will be vacant, and when and which classes will occupy it at certain times. This specific application will be targeted for Rutgers University; hence, targeted to traditional Rutgers students.

The application will have features to make it extremely easy to find empty classrooms. It will allow the user to choose favorite buildings, and easily click them to find empty classrooms at the time they open the application. It will even have visuals to inform users how long the classroom will be empty for, so they will know whether they can stay the whole time they need it or must leave later on. Like I said, it will be an application I wish I had, but even if I’ve graduated now, I hope it at least helps many students out there! Unfortunately, I can only make android applications right now as I only have a Windows laptop, but I’d be happy to create an iOS app in the future too!

Software Requirements Specification

Anyway, if you are interested in reading the SRS, here is the initial version below!

UI Design

And here is the UI design of the application!

Thanks for reading my blog!

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