Photos is my 2nd JavaFX project. Basically, it is an application that stores and display albums and images, with some functions such as adding and deleting images, a photo library application, basically. This was an interesting one, as I designed the UI without having any idea how to implement it in code. I know that is not really a good idea, but I designed something more advanced than what I actually knew how to do. Though, I did end up figuring out how to implement it in the end.

The most challenging part of this project was making buttons appear as I hover over the images. Even though it was more advanced and I could have designed something that was easier to implement, it was the best way to make the UI and it made the most sense to me at the time. So I went with it even though I wasn’t sure if it was possible in the first place. I just thought, if it isn’t possible, then I’ll just change the design to an easier one to make.

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